Rosanna Everson

I have been working out at the Auburn Fit1 gym since 2012.  This gym is now an integral part of my present life. It is a familiar place with familiar faces that I visit five to seven days a week. I like this gym for several reasons: its proximity to where I live, its cleanliness and the Fit1 team, which is super friendly, helpful and efficiently managed.

I have attended many Auburn Fit1 classes, but the ones I go to regularly are spinning three days a week and body sculpting twice a week, which is in addition to my workout routine.

My initial goal was and still is on building muscle strength throughout my body. I do this by varying my daily routine to get stronger legs and a stronger core to help me with cycling. I also focus on strengthening my back and arms, which don’t get exercised during bike rides.

Anytime I travel, I find a gym at my destination to keep my body moving. My current hobbies include cycling, walking, traveling and reading and translating Italian and French stories with two different groups weekly; to that end,  I find it helpful to watch foreign movies, mostly Italian and French.