Marcie Ahrons

What I enjoy most about Auburn Fit1 is the camaraderie, knowledgeable instructors and variety of classes. I transferred to Auburn Fit1 right as it opened with a group of others who had worked out at a gym nearby that was closing. Now, I have attended exercise classes with some members for 10 to 20 years.

When tragedy struck and took one of our favorite instructors, Andie Simmons, it helped to mourn with others who had become friends with her over the years. Even when I am having a hard day and might want to skip a workout, I am pushed to come because I know I will be greeted by the friendly, encouraging faces of other members & instructors. 

In June, I added Pilates, Dynamic Duo and Yoga to my usual regimen of Body Sculpting and Zumba classes at Auburn Fit1. This has significantly improved my overall well being and fitness. I especially appreciate how the instructors are always ready with a modification for anyone with injuries, which has been vital for me in order to maintain my daily exercise practice.

As a pediatrician practicing in Auburn for 26 years, I hope I am modeling good behavior for my patients and parents. In fact, I often see my patients and parents at Auburn Fit1 and love this sense of community.

Outside of Fit1, I enjoy walking my dog, hiking, travel, camping, quilting & making jewelry.