Members of the Month for September 2019

Julia & Tony “Coach Cam” Camillucci

This month, I’d like to showcase Julia and Tony “Coach Cam” Camillucci as Member(s) of the month. This dynamic daughter/father team bring their game face every time they visit Fit1.

If Coach Cam looks familiar to you, it’s because he has worked at Placer High School for the last 22 years as the girls’ basketball coach and as a special ed teacher. Before joining Fit1, Coach Cam had corrective surgery on both arthritic ankles. Before this, Cam had been very active with sports and weight lifting, so he chose Fit1 to help him get back into shape and now he can move pain-free.  He loves our family-friendly environment and he made friends right away. Occasionally, Cam runs into current and former Placer High students at Fit1, which adds to the fun! 

Since joining Fit1, Coach Cam feels more confident about his fitness level. His body has changed and has gained more muscle tone. Clothes fit better, he feels stronger which makes yard work and coaching basketball a lot easier and best of all he eats healthier! All because of joining Fit1. Thanks, Coach Cam for your dedication and positive attitude towards your fitness commitment! We’re so happy that you are part of our Fit1 Fam.

Auburn Fit One | Members of the Month for September 2019

Daughter Julia has a wonderful story. This intelligent, mature and well-spoken athlete arrived at San Diego State two years ago where collegiate rowing recruiters spotted her talent and offered her a full-ride rowing scholarship. Julia knew nothing about rowing, but she thought that she would give it a try. Now, beginning her junior year at San Diego State, Julia is an experienced collegiate athlete. Although rowing is a very hard sport both physically and mentally, she finds it quite rewarding. Competitive rowing has forced her to adopt healthy habits in regards to eating, sleeping, studying and staying focused.  For Julia, it has been wonderful to be able to come home during school breaks and continue her training at Fit1. 

I’m a huge fan of this gal, and she knows that I will always cheer her on.

Won’t you all join me?!!

Sending hoorays to Julia and kudos to Coach Cam! 

– Jen