1.  Load weights evenly with appropriate resistance.

2.  Sit on the Squat Press machine comfortably with your back flush against the back of the seat.

3.  Place your feet against the plate about shoulder width apart and flat on the press.

4.   Tighten your abdominal muscles during and in between each repetition. This will increase the effectiveness of your workout, as well as help to work on your core (your abdominal muscles). More importantly, keeping a tight abdomen helps to prevent lower back injuries.

5.   Push foot plate forward and release the carriage support (safety) by pushing carriage release handles forward.

6.   Take a breath in as you prepare to press the weight. Steady, controlled breathing is the key to preventing yourself from getting too tired too quickly. It also ensures you are getting adequate oxygen to your muscles during your workout.

7.   Press the weight, in a controlled motion away from your body. Use both legs equally so as not to begin to favor one over the other. Continue inhaling at this point.

8.   Hold the press at the top of your extension for a moment. As you do so, begin to exhale.

9.   Begin to slowly release the weight back to the neutral position. Continue to exhale through the release.

10.   Keep your leg muscles and your core tight throughout the entire motion.

Repeat the pressing process a number of times as determined by your workout routine. People who are just starting out with the leg press shouldn’t do more than three sets of 10, but this number can increase as your muscles grow accustomed to the exercise.