Meet the D’Avolio Family: Back row, father RD, son Anthony. Front row, mother Deb and daughter Sicilia. Missing is oldest son Dominic.

They joined Auburn Fit1 on the day it opened and have been coming regularly ever since. Having a family membership has been helpful for them because there is always someone in the house motivating the others to join them at the gym. Anthony and Sicilia have been especially helpful in teaching Mom (Deb) new workout routines.

Older brother Dominic (not in picture) was once a regular member, but has since taken his workout down the hill to a gym in Rocklin where he now lives, works, and goes to school. Anthony is also now continuing his workouts away at school so you won’t see him except for on his school breaks. Sicilia’s driving force is staying in shape for competitive soccer, and RD and Deb’s goal is simply to stay active and healthy.