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The right personal trainer or fitness coach is a fundamental building block to fitness success.

Our Fit1 trainers provide the KNOWLEDGE necessary to tailor workouts around clients’ individual goals. They provide the MOTIVATION to get on track and stay on track. They provide the VARIETY to keep our clients engaged and avoid the pitfalls of a monotonous workout routine. And, most importantly, by closely monitoring form, a qualified personal trainer helps the new and seasoned client AVOID INJURY. Are you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?

Fit1 Training Information:


Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

My life has always been about fitness. If I wasn’t playing a sport, I was finding a way to stay in shape and because of that mindset I found myself jumping into the fitness world and making it my career path. I have, at some capacity, been training and coaching over the last 10 years and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else! I am a huge advocate for movement and believe that it is the biggest key to staying happy and healthy. I am my clients’ number one fan; from the moment we meet and through every change, big or small. Those changes that I am referring to do not start with the physical ones, but it is the emotional and mental shifts that occur once someone hits his or her milestones. It is the best and most rewarding feeling to be a part of that.

I am incredibly passionate about the corrective and preventive exercise realm but can train anywhere from weight loss to recovery. I have experience in Foundation Training, MELT Rolling, Stick Mobility, and RockPod Cupping. I love to be creative with movements and find ways to turn them into exercise. Functional fitness is so important and I believe that with that mindset the goal will always be, “I want to move when I am 100 years old!”


certified group and personal yoga instructor

My name is Meagan. I have been practicing yoga for about eight years and earned my 200-hour teacher training credential from Yoga Tree in San Francisco. I work to teach a class that is accessible to all levels.

My goal is to help my students increase flexibility, strength, and balance while working to maintain a calm and clear mind. I am still working on all of these things myself and I learn a lot from them as well. Meagan has the following background and experience:

  • 8 Years of Experience Practicing Yoga
  • 2 Years of Experience Teaching Yoga
  • Focus on Increasing Flexibility, Strength and Balance For a Fit Mind and Fit Body


certified sports science personal trainer and yoga instructor

Dee enjoys helping clients make and meet realistic health goals. Focusing on the connection of the muscles, when engagement and awareness of the muscles are present, then concentration may then be focused on building muscle and/or losing weight. Her focus is on joint injuries, hips, knees and shoulders. Dee also has the following certifications:

  • International Sports Science Association Personal Training
  • Boot Camp Training Certification
  • Yin Yoga and Yoga Alliance Certified
  • NASM Corrective Certified


certified personal trainer and certified pole walking instructor

Richard is a certified and experienced personal trainer at Auburn Fit1. With his in-depth foundation in strength training and conditioning, Richard’s focus is on performance and to improve form for long-term support of both your body and mind. He works with seniors and others who have experienced health challenges or injuries and helps them to build a better form to reach and maintain their fitness goals. Richard also has the following experience and certifications:

  • National Strength and Conditiong Association Certified
  • Nordic Pole Walking Instructor Certified
  • Specializes in Fitness Performance and Maintenance for Seniors and Those Living with Acute or Long-term Physical Challanges or Injuries


AFAA group fitness instructor, NESTA certified personal trainer and cycle instructor

Pamela has been passionate about fitness and the effects it has on health for most of her life. She recognizes the importance of taking care of the body through many facets. Exercise has many benefits, general health, and quality of life. Pamela is here to help you change your health and to be self-motivated about fitness and exercise. She is focused on transforming your body inside and out to help you achieve quality of life and longevity through health and fitness. Pamela also has the following experience and certifications:

  • NESTA Certified Personal Training
  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Training
  • Midlife Fitness for Women Coursework
  • Senior Fitnes Specialist
  • Sierra College Personal Training Certificate Coursework
  • Experience as a Group Fitness Cycle Instructor


certified fitness instructor and experienced personal trainer

Patti has taught a wide variety of studio and academic venues throughout the SF Bay Area for over 30 years. Over 20 years ago, Patti earned her certification in the foundation and instruction of Pilates’ and has truly revolutionized her teaching for personal and group fitness. As a former dancer, core conditioning and body control gave her an appreciation for technique and alignment. Patti’s extended work for chiropractors and therapists has enhanced her understanding of the subtleties of the muscular, skeletal and nervous system. This understanding and anatomical foundation have led her to a more holistic, integrated approach to health and fitness.
Patti is also recognized for the following:

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Experience Instructing Zumba, Pilates and Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Foundation and Experience in Weight Training


SCW Certified Personal Trainer, Cycle Instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist

As a personal trainer, Roberts wants to help clients to progressively reach their fitness goals to prevent injury and promote longevity. His passion is bodyweight exercises, also known as Calisthenics. While his focus is primarily on bodyweight training, he will build a workout plan that’s specific to your health condition and fitness needs and expectations. Robert belies exercise can be a very fun, positive experience and he’ll strive to show you that as your personal fitness trainer. Robert also has the following experience and certifications:

  • SCW Fitness Certification In Personal Training
  • Specialized and experienced in senior (65+) fitness training
  • Core focus on bodyweight training and Calisthenic exercises


private Qi Gong trainer

Qi Gong is an Ancient Chinese Healing Art that combines stretching with deep breathing in a flowing, moving meditation to improve health and healing. Tai Chi is the Martial Arts form of Qi Gong. David discovered the healing powers of Qi Gong during his battle with Leukemia in 2011-2012. David dedicates his life work to teaching others how to elicit and work with their Qi. David is also recognized for the following accomplishments:

  • Studied and trained in Santa Cruz with Lee Holden, an internationally recognized teacher of Qi Gong
  • Completed his instructor training certification in 2013 and has since been teaching this beautiful practice since that time


personal trainer, group fitness and Pilates instructor

What inspires Jamie to train others is helping people reach results they didn’t know were possible. She works with all types of clients, but her specialty is working with seniors, those recovering from cancer and those with scoliosis. She helps such clients regain strength, motion and function following illness or surgery, plus she can help them achieve activities of daily living. Jamie believes it’s never too late to get into shape and she brings that attitude to her work at Fit1. Jamie is also recognized for her certifications and experience as:

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • PHI Trained Pilates Instructor
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist Trained by the Cancer Training Institute
  • Experience Training under the Pilates Therapeutics Scoliosis Specialized Program and the TRX Group Suspension Training Course (L1)