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The right personal trainer or fitness coach is a fundamental building block to fitness success.

Our Fit1 trainers provide the KNOWLEDGE necessary to tailor workouts around clients’ individual goals. They provide the MOTIVATION to get on track and stay on track. They provide the VARIETY to keep our clients engaged and avoid the pitfalls of a monotonous workout routine. And, most importantly, by closely monitoring form, a qualified personal trainer helps the new and seasoned client AVOID INJURY. Are you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?

Fit1 Training Information:

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Personal Trainer

Tami is a Master Trainer with over 25 years experience. She has a passion for changing lives using Science based SMART goals. Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time Bound. She partners with her client to develop a personalized Fitness and Nutrition program to ensure her clients not only reach their goals but forever sustain their achievement. She sets up a habit based program to help build healthy habits while simultaneously removing bad ones. She specializes in nutrition coaching, active aging, weight-loss and strength training
When she’s not at the gym she’s hiking our local trails or kayaking on Lake Clementine with her dogs on the bow. She enjoys gardening and building native plant garden beds at her home. Her favorite hobby is studying and practicing natural medicine.


  • Precision Nutrition, Nutrition  Coach
  • NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
  • NASM Golf Fitness Specialist
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design
  • PTA Global Personal Trainer
  • Dynamic Stretch Specialist
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


certified group and personal yoga instructor

My name is Meagan. I have been practicing yoga for about eight years and earned my 200-hour teacher training credential from Yoga Tree in San Francisco. I work to teach a class that is accessible to all levels.

My goal is to help my students increase flexibility, strength, and balance while working to maintain a calm and clear mind. I am still working on all of these things myself and I learn a lot from them as well. Meagan has the following background and experience:

  • 8 Years of Experience Practicing Yoga
  • 2 Years of Experience Teaching Yoga
  • Focus on Increasing Flexibility, Strength and Balance For a Fit Mind and Fit Body
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers



Dee enjoys helping clients make and meet realistic health goals. Focusing on the connection of the muscles, when engagement and awareness of the muscles are present, then concentration may then be focused on building muscle and/or losing weight. Her focus is on joint injuries, hips, knees and shoulders. Dee also has the following certifications:

  • International Sports Science Association Personal Training
  • Boot Camp Training Certification
  • Yin Yoga and Yoga Alliance Certified
  • NASM Corrective Certified
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


AFAA group fitness instructor, NESTA certified personal trainer and cycle instructor

Pamela has been passionate about fitness and the effects it has on health for most of her life. She recognizes the importance of taking care of the body through many facets. Exercise has many benefits, general health, and quality of life. Pamela is here to help you change your health and to be self-motivated about fitness and exercise. She is focused on transforming your body inside and out to help you achieve quality of life and longevity through health and fitness. Pamela also has the following experience and certifications:

  • NESTA Certified Personal Training
  • AFAA Certified Group Fitness Training
  • Midlife Fitness for Women Coursework
  • Senior Fitnes Specialist
  • Sierra College Personal Training Certificate Coursework
  • Experience as a Group Fitness Cycle Instructor
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


Pilates and Group Exercise Instructor

Shannon has been teaching group exercise and mat pilates since 2011. In 2013, she became certified in reformer pilates and has been teaching and learning since then. Her passion is in helping people of all fitness levels to improve their strength, flexibility and endurance. More recently, Shannon’s focus is on studying “active aging”, the ability for all of us to continue in good health throughout our years.

Due to Shannon’s personal experiences, she is proud to share that she donates proceeds earned as a fitness instructor to Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, a Christian Rehabilitation Program that helps those caught in the snare of life-controlling addictions. Shannon loves teaching and encouraging others to increase their fitness levels in order to live their most productive lives through:

  • Extensive experience as a group fitness and mat pilates Instructor
  • The core focus on strength, balance, flexibility and core conditioning
  • Certification and experience in teaching Reformer Pilates (Level 1)
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


certified fitness instructor and experienced personal trainer

Patti has taught a wide variety of studio and academic venues throughout the SF Bay Area for over 30 years. Over 20 years ago, Patti earned her certification in the foundation and instruction of Pilates’ and has truly revolutionized her teaching for personal and group fitness. As a former dancer, core conditioning and body control gave her an appreciation for technique and alignment. Patti’s extended work for chiropractors and therapists has enhanced her understanding of the subtleties of the muscular, skeletal and nervous system. This understanding and anatomical foundation have led her to a more holistic, integrated approach to health and fitness.
Patti is also recognized for the following:

  • Highly Trained and Experienced Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Experience Instructing Zumba, Pilates and Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Foundation and Experience in Weight Training
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


Group exercise instructor

“I love the accountability of a group!!” Having played soccer for almost 35 years, Mary truly appreciates the interconnectedness of a “team atmosphere” so when someone isn’t in class, Mary is calling/texting to check in on them. Mary has been teaching indoor cycling 3 days per week for almost 5 years exclusively at Fit1 and is certified to teach other group fitness classes as well. Mornings are her time to kick start the day and propel her through whatever challenges the workday throws at her while teaching pre-K through 5th graders in special education. Mary and her husband have lived in Auburn for 20 years and enjoy many activities that the foothill community offers including hiking, backpacking, wine tasting, and swimming in Auburn’s beautiful rivers.

Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


zumba instructor

“I love to workout, dance, and I enjoy great music. So what could be better than to combine a fun dance party with stylish colorful clothing, and great friends… that is Zumba!
I fell in love with Zumba at the very first class that I attended. I have been a certified Zumba instructor since January 2011. I just couldn’t get enough Zumba so I aslo got certified in Zumba Kids, Zumba Step, and Zumba Gold.”

Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


Group exercise instructor

Cory Nix has loved fitness since she was a kid in her living room with her mom doing Jane Fonda workout videos! Her grandma was a tap dance teacher which is where Cory’s love of dance comes from. She also loves swimming and swam competitively in college.

She became a group fitness instructor when she was 16 years old when the Aqua Aerobics instructor didn’t show. She had to step in and fill her shoes to make sure the patrons got a workout. From that moment on, Cory knew she loved to teach and lead group fitness.

Over the years, she has taught many different fitness formats but her favorites are clearly Zumba and strength conditioning. Cory also teaches her own version of Dance Fitness called CORYography.

Please join me! I can’t wait to sweat, smile and shimmy with you!

Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


Yoga instructor

Julia has been teaching group exercise in the local Auburn area, with a focus on yoga, for over 10 years. Whether you are new to yoga or practice regularly, the physical and mental benefits of yoga are what she wishes to share. Yoga enhances life on and off your mat; all ages benefit from stretching and strengthening our bodies, moving with your breath. Come to class! Improve strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind as you find your own yoga rhythm. Namaste.

Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers


Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Nancy Odom is a seasoned guide in the realms of yoga and holistic wellness, with a profound dedication to fostering vitality through mindful movement. Her approach merges the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga with her expertise as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist, offering a unique blend that enhances sleep, energy, and overall well-being. At Fit1, Nancy’s goal is to deliver transformative classes that optimize both physical and physiological functions, tailoring her methods to support the body and mind comprehensively. Her classes are an invitation to expand your knowledge, elevate your practice, and enrich your life, ensuring every movement is a step towards lasting health and vitality.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • YACEP Yoga Alliance
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Coach
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers

Wendy Beress

Certified personal trainer

Wendy has worked in the health and wellness industry for 40 years. Her journey began with becoming a Licensed Physical Therapist, where she built a solid foundation of knowledge and practical experience for her current fitness practice. Over the years, she has added Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and most recently, Pilates Instructor to her repertoire. She incorporates her extensive education and passion for health and well-being into creating the most beneficial and successful experience for each and every one of her clients.


  • ACE Certified personal trainer
  • ACE certified health coach
  • Certified reformer pilates coach
  • Licensed phyical therapist
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers

Sarah Nolte

Certified Personal Trainer

Sarah Nolte is a spirited force in group fitness and Pilates, now proudly offering her expertise as a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Known for her dedication to challenging workouts while upholding impeccable form, Sarah’s passion for Pilates, weightlifting, and running infuses her classes with energy and purpose. Her recent certification enhances her ability to guide individuals on a personalized fitness journey, emphasizing strength, discipline, and the power of community. With Sarah, you’re not just working out; you’re part of a vibrant fitness family committed to achieving collective and individual goals.


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Exercise Recovery Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Auburn Fit One | Our Trainers

Sherry Murphy

Sherry Murphy found her passion in Pilates in 2016, a practice that for her transcends physical exercise to embody a deeper connection of body and mind. As a Certified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor and Yoga Instructor, she’s committed to introducing this holistic approach to all fitness levels in Auburn, where she has lived for 17 years. Sherry’s classes focus on stability, strength, balance, and body awareness, enriching daily life through mindful movement. Beyond the studio, she thrives in Auburn’s community, fostering connections and healthful living. Sherry embraces a life of mindful motion, whether teaching, engaging in community wellness, or enjoying the outdoors.


  • Certified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
Sam Anghel 2

Sam Anghel

Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Sam Anghel, a dedicated personal trainer whose life was profoundly transformed by fitness. Sam is driven by a passion to help others ignite that same transformative spark. Believing that everyone has the right to good health and self-acceptance, Sam approaches fitness as a partnership, committing fully to each session and expecting the same dedication from his clients. Together, they achieve greatness.

Sam’s training philosophy is centered around empowering clients to feel confident both inside and out, recognizing that physical health directly enhances mental well-being. With each personalized training plan, he focuses on building lasting habits that sustain a lifetime of health and happiness.

When he’s not at the gym, Sam enjoys exploring the great outdoors and participating in community fitness events. His commitment to personal well-being extends beyond the gym walls, inspiring his clients and community members alike to pursue a healthier, more fulfilled life.


  • ISSA- Personal Trainer Certified
  • ISSA- Specialist In Bodybuilding
  • ISSA- Specialist In Strength & Conditioning
  • ISSA- Nutritionist