Piyo is a pre-choreographed class constructed to help participants gain strength, core stability, agility, and flexibility. This class uniquely blends not only pilates and yoga, but also sports training, core conditioning, dance, stretch, and athletic drills. Although this may sound daunting, PiYo is carefully designed with natural progressions and modifications to facilitate participation from people of all fitness/experience levels.

Here’s what you can expect:

Warm-up. A basic warm-up is the first section that introduces participants to the moves and flow of the class.

Heat Building. The heat building section is just what it sounds like. A more intense warm-up that really starts working.

Strength 1-3. The strengths sections are the core of the PiYo workout. This is where you really get your heart rate up and when the work happens.



Final Relaxation. The class ends with an enlightening few moments of relaxation, where you simply lay and focus on your breathing.