There are many different pockets of clothing culture in a gym or health club. Most people are wearing something comfortable, yet flattering that accommodates their workout style.

Women wear tight clothing, mainly black or dark colored tights with a black or bright colored top; it’s very rare to see white or prints. To the yoga practitioner, this standard style may seem boring. Their style ranges from black on black to flowy colorful prints, scarves, and big headbands.

Weight lifters wear shorter tights with form-fitting tops, but they might start their workouts with loose fitting t-shirts and cut down sweatshirts. Their joy is in the lifting and the great results they are getting, and they aren’t shy about showing off all of that hard work.

Zumba people really think big.They love color; it’s a party after all! The music is hot and the shoes have a smooth surface to allow for quick direction changes and sliding to keep up. Their pants are rarely black, rather neon blue, green, or pink. Their shirts are colorful neon colors with designs and patterns that move, motivating them to have fun and dance like no one is watching.

Runners and cardio people are more intense with a streak of seriousness. They lean toward shorter tights or running shorts, tops that cover the core, leaving the limbs free, and colorful shoes. They may enter the gym with a long sleeve tech fabric t -shirt from an event they participated in lately, but it soon comes off. They typically have an IPod with ear buds hanging free, their own private motivational soundtrack.

Men at the gym offer less variety; their clothing choices range from sleeveless t-shirts and baggy, long basketball pants to short sleeve t -shirts and athletic shorts; mostly black and white with some shades of gray, no matter their activity or mood.

If you are really into workout fashions, Lululemon, a clothing manufacturing company from Canada, is a household name for you. The company has hit the US market in a big way. Their tights provide a comfortable, flattering, quality feel for $90 to $100. This high price will ensure a perfect fit and will give you years of use. They are now expanding into the men’s market with sleeveless t-shirts and baggier pants styles.

No matter your workout style, there are plenty of clothing options to keep you comfortable and looking good while you sweat!